E & C Media International Inc. was found in the year 2008 in Woodside, NY. As a home entertainment and housewares provider, E & C Media Inc. aims to offer high-quality home entertainment systems and housewares to families across the US.

Bring happiness and laugh in families

Over the last decade, the company has brought happiness and laugh in numerous American families and has grown from strength to strength. Today, the company has a dedicated team of experts who work in unison to create an unparalleled customer experience and ensure quality service delivery to all the clients. With a history of high standards of reliability and safety, E & C Media International provides reliable and easy solutions for retailers and buyers who are looking for high performance and high-quality home entertainment system and housewares with competitive price and services in the US.

Our Work Philosophy

As a wholesaler and retailer, E & C Media International Inc. values the time and money of its clients and thus strives to provide them with the best services. Top priority is given to the interests and requirement of the clients and taking in to account their needs in terms of purchasing, packaging, delivery, and protection of products.